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Fernando Robles

“I met ET & Pam Strickland 21 years ago while selling my franchised childcare center. I was terrified because I strongly wanted to sell my preschool but at the same time I did not want any of my customers or neighbors to know about it. When I expressed that to my franchisor, his answer was “I know the people that will get the job done in the smooth way that you need”. The very next week ET had my school listed. Throughout the 6 months that it took the sale process from beginning to end, we developed a professional and friendly relationship that winded up after the closing by ET offering me to work for him in his real estate firm specialized in selling childcare centers. He encouraged me to get my Real Estate License and promised to teach me anything I needed to know to succeed in that endeavor. ET and Pam became not only my teachers but my mentors, my friends and an inspiration in my life. I had a fulfilling career working with them. I saw firsthand how well they know the business. I learned how to promote the center in order to sell it, how to get the financing done, how to deal with other brokers, how to manage the licensing process, how to secure insurance and so many other secrets of the trade. The best memories I have of this wonderful couple is their human side: Inviting their staff to go with them to have fun skiing or travelling to Las Vegas, gathering every year the big family of associates to celebrate Christmas in a dinner sponsored by them, recommending books and workshops for personal improvement, giving sound personal advice when anybody was sad or worried. I also have witnessed many acts of kindness and charity way beyond what would be expected. They have given back a lot and that’s why I believed they have been blessed with such a successful career in the child care business. May God bless them for many years to come with success in their business, health to enjoy their golden years and friends to share those happy times.”

Shelley Robinson – Dallas, Texas

Working with E.T.Strickland has always been a great experience. The entire process of buying as well as selling our daycare centers has been smooth and worry free- the guidance and suggestions E.T. and his associates make are dead on. They go above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis to get the job done, whether it be selling my schools or finding me a school to purchase. E.T. has a vast knowledge of the lending process which makes a huge difference in obtaining a school.

He and his staff are extremely attentive, always able to get a hold of them whenever needed! I truly cannot say enough about E.T. and his staff. They are all truly great, professional and knowledgeable. It is a pleasure working with them!

I highly recommend School Investment Properties to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a school.

Debra Fraser

I have had the pleasure of working with ET Strickland and the team at School Investment Properties for well over 29 years. From the beginning, the entire School Investment Properties team has been professional, responsive, and effective with both the purchasing and selling of my schools. They provided assistance along every stage of the buying and selling process. I have truly enjoyed having the School Investment Properties team throughout my journey and thank them for continuously helping to meet my business and professional goals.

Jeff Altschuler

ET and his firm, School Investment Properties, are by far the best school brokerage I have ever worked with. I have purchased over 20 school locations, and the service, expertise, creative ideas and overall support is well beyond anything provided by other brokers. In addition to delivering deal opportunities, ET’s company provided tremendous support in financing, licensing, staffing, facility assessment, document analysis, and diligence evaluation. He and his firm worked directly with lenders and the licensing agencies to help facilitate the transaction. I would highly recommend him to any potential seller or buyer, as he maximizes the value for either party.

Enrique Iturriaga Sr. – Jeff Altschuler

Enrique with School Investment Properties, is a fantastic school broker, going far above and beyond any I have worked with in the past. His service included pricing evaluation, diligence assessment, licensing management, and even architectural plan development.

I have never seen a broker who provides these extraordinary services. His willingness to jump into any issues and help provide solutions makes him a great individual to work with.

Overall, I would highly recommend working with him as a buyer or a seller.


Jeff Altschuler

Sam Haddabah

Michelle, I just wanted to say thank you for your help! It was a pleasure working with you on the purchase of my new child care center Kids R Tops! You made the whole process easy for me. You made me feel confident in my decision in this particular center and I appreciate that I can reach out and communicate with you at any time during the loan process to answer any and all my questions that I had!

Thanks again for everything! When I am ready for my next center you will be the one that I call.

Angela Starnes

I had the immense pleasure of working with Marianne Anzaldua on the sale of a childcare center in Colorado. I was very pleased to have made the decision to move forward with Marianne as our agent.
Marianne Anzaldua’s knowledge of the childcare industry and health department is unsurpassed. Mrs. Anzaldua took the selling of the business by the reigns and made this very stressful process very stress free, and I thank her for that. She stayed on top of communication with all parties that were involved, and she was very honest and ethical.
I would highly recommend Marianne Anzaldua for any and all your business related real estate transactions.

Terrie Ellis

I bought my first school through E.T. Strickland (School Investment Properties) over 15 years ago. was a first-time small business owner and E.T. and his team facilitated the entire process, from helping me apply for a business loan, working with the licensing agency, incorporating my company, and so much more. I greatly appreciated his guidance, expertise and professionalism throughout the entire process which made for a smooth transaction for me. They are a wonderful company to work with and I would highly recommend SIP to anyone looking to buy or sell.

Shirley Gorgie

Dear Michelle Van Cleave,

Thank you for your help and diligence in the sale of my Center. You made the transaction as easy and quick as possible. Your experience and knowledge in this endeavor was very apparent and very much appreciate. I will be recommending you and your company to my friends. Thanks again, Sincerely.

Frank Taylor

To ET and Tim, I had the pleasure of first being introduced to ET and School Investment Properties about 6 years ago when I was looking to purchase my first school. The atmosphere was welcoming and informative. Although I did not use them for the purchase of my school when I decided to sell my school 6 years later, there was no doubt in my mind that School Investment Properties would be the brokerage to help me to make this happen. It was great to work with ET again. During this process he oversaw the big picture details regarding the sale of the school. He introduced me to one of his associates who would be working with me on a daily basis. Tim Dai was fantastic to work with. He was available to me at all times of the day and on weekends. He assisted in bringing potential buyers to my attention and helping me to arrange meetings with them so that they could look at the school. As we found qualified, motivated buyers, Tim was instrumental in helping to ensure that the sale moved along in a way as to meet the desired deadlines of both me as the seller as well as the buyers. As a seller who elected to do owner financing to help the buyer, Tim was key in providing me with options, resources and advice on what would be the best way to proceed so that I was protected as well as the buyer. To put into context the speed in which my sale proceeded – the buyer contacted us the first week of July 2018. We had a negotiated and written offer in place by the following week and the sale of the school closed on August I 0, 2018. Now a process that would possibly take months was done in I month to accommodate the purchase and sell goals of the patties involved.


If I ever decide to purchase a school again, I will, without hesitation, go with School Investment Properties. It is my honor to fully recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a school and would be happy to share my experience in person should it be desired.

Alissa Pinkas and Devon Barclay

Words can’t express the amount of gratitude I have for meeting Marianne. Not only did she make the process of purchasing a childcare center easier but we’ve also developed a great friendship. She’s been along for the ride as we got established, and helped with the myriad little details that make purchasing a business so complicated. Thanks to Marianne’s guidance, expertise, and willingness to help, a very complicated process was made relatively easy. And our particular acquisition was – well, let’s just say it was no picnic. Marianne not only understands the sales process, but has previous business experience running a center. Her practical knowledge and understanding of how a childcare center has been a tremendous help for both Devon and I. We have had our center, Growing Minds Learning Academy, for eight months now. Although we’ve had our ups and downs (well mostly ups) we are very thankful and could not have succeeded without Marianne. I strongly recommend her to anybody that is looking to purchase a quality childcare center to help educate children for a bright future.

Vicki Brown

I have had a long term relationship with Michele Van Cleave since my initial contact with School Investment Properties approximately 4 years ago.

lnitially she was a great source of information as I began to explore the sale of my center at retirement. She was extremely patient and maintained contact with me periodically and provided guidance to insure a successful sale.

When the time came to contract for sale she insured that I was ready. With her support and guidance I received 3 offers in a 2 day period.

I would recommend her without reservation to anyone wanting a successful profitable sale of their center.

Marianne Anzaldua

ET Strickland was instrumental in my decision to purchase a childcare care center. Because of his encouragement, I also pursued my broker’s license and now am employed with School Investment Properties. I know I can rely on ET to provide support and mentor me. He is always willing to share the wealth of knowledge he has – knowledge that can only be gained through years of experience.

Dan Saccal

I’m not sure we would have succeeded in acquiring a daycare without Michelle’s help. She puts great effort in to the front end of the process in helping us find the right location and getting it under contract and that is only the beginning. She was always there for us every step of the way in the time consuming and detailed process of acquiring the financing. My wife Kim and I are very happy to have Michelle as part of our team.

Ben Bloise

My wife and I were looking to expand our preschool to a second location and after months of searching continued to come up empty. Luckily we connected with Marianne and our search quickly changed. She was able to show us numerous schools for sale and after a few tours and conversations to learn exactly what we wanted, she brought an off market school to us that we fell in love with. She helped make sure the transaction closed smoothly, offering sound advice at every turn. Today our second preschool is thriving and we are getting close to calling Marianne again for help finding our third location! She should be your first call when looking to buy or sell a preschool, simply the best!

Isam Jaber

Michelle has been pivotal in helping me find and purchase my childcare businesses. She was highly responsive and made sure I received all the information I needed on a timely manner to help me make informed decisions about my procurements. She was a great partner in my business searches and always went the extra mile for me to get two of my childcare centers and I look forward to utilizing her services in all my future business endeavors.

Jeanne C. Keiler

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial about ET Strickland! I have known ET since 1990. I have been in the preschool business since 1977. During that time, I have owned and managed many preschools. ET and his company are by far the best brokerage for buying and selling preschools! Their expertise in the field is bar none! When they say “full service” They mean it! From finding schools, financing them, insurance, rules and regs, and all hiccups are no problem for this wonderful team! All directed of course by that “Wise Owl” ET sitting in the office imparting his wisdom and guidance. The man is a genius and so is Alan Strickland. Enrique Iturriaga is an ultimate professional that takes care and concern for each buyer and seller. Kala Lynch is a whiz at any and all finance concerns. Beau Strickland is the consummate insurance pro and gets the best coverage and price. My dealings thru the years with ET and his whole team have been most satisfactory and I highly recommend them.

James M. Farwell

To whom this may concern, I started looking at school properties in 2012 and bought my school, Montessori School of Fort Myers, from School Investment Properties (SIP) in September 2013. Before that acquisition, I looked at many different child care centers and private schools that SIP had for sale before settling on Montessori School  of Fort Myers. Since I closed on my school in 2013, I have looked at several additional acquisition opportunities.  The reason I say this is to explain how I got to know Michelle quite well. As anyone who has bought a business knows, the acquisition process lasts many months and you get to see the best and worst of people when they are under stressful conditions. Being the middleman between buyer and seller is a tough spot to be in. I worked for five years as a mergers and acquisition investment banker representing companies with revenues of $10 – 300mm and know the life of a broker well. When I am hiring staff for my school, I follow Warren Buffet’s advice that he wants all his employees to have intelligence, energy, and integrity. There are several things that strike me about Michelle.

1. Intelligence.  Michelle is a smart lady and she has worked in the child care industry so she know what she is talking about and how to get the right data that buyers/sellers need.

2. Energy.   A common error of brokers is to ignore communication for days at a time when their attention gets pulled to another deal that is having trouble. I had 50+ emails, 50+ phone calls, and in-person meetings with Michelle and never once did I wait more than 24 hours for a response. She never dropped the ball.

3. Integrity.   While some brokers can be pushy in an untrustworthy way that makes you as a buyer want to walk, Michelle was diligent in getting me the information I requested and she presented the facts as she knew them but made no attempt to spin the data in any way.

4. Positive Attitude.   If you are considering buying or selling with a broker this stressful process is much more fun if you enjoy the person you are working with. Michelle has a positive attitude and that matters when you will work so closely for so long.


If I were to ask SIP to list my school (which will likely happen someday), there is no doubt I will ask





Kim Upson-Bradwell

We have been in the education business over 55 years combined. We chose to sell our preschool so that we would have an opportunity to focus on consulting and travel throughout the U.S. on a full-time basis. We appreciated the daily communication and updates we received from Michelle during the entire process of our transaction; this is what made the difference in getting our school sold. Michelle was always eager to help, ensuring that all parties were satisfied. Because of Michelle’s consistent help, guidance, and expertise in the business, we sold our school quickly and for the price that we wanted. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking to sell or expand their business.

Claudia Drimmer

Thank you

Dear Michelle Van Cleave,
Thank you for all your help with selling our preschool. It took a while before we were ready to sell from the first time you introduced yourself to me. At that time we had just started talking and were not even thinking about retiring. Yet you stayed in contact and did not give up. I appreciate all the work you have done to make the sale happen amid all the bumps that came along the way. At the end it all worked out and our school is sold. We can now enjoy a stress free new life.
Thank you again and good luck on future sales.

Claudia Drimmer

Christy Delk – Orlando

Tim Dai, Thank you for your professionalism & patience (I could add more!) over the time we worked together. I know you have moved well past “my deal” and are on to the next ones in line, but I hope you enjoyed our experience as much as I did. It’s always so great and so rare to find others who reach high and get the job done. It was a pleasure! Hope we can stay in touch. Take Care!

Christy Delk Previous Owner Kids R Kids Orlando

Enrique Iturriaga Sr. – Learning Wonderland Preschool

Dear Enrique,

I am so happy that I met you on child care owners training in Broward County in 2012. I saved your card and in two years you saved us from a huge mistake so as we were about to purchase a building and start a preschool from scratch. You helped us on the way to our dream from that day by taking our hands and leading us towards it.

You gave us advice on what to work on before we get the school and explained each step of the purchase in the meanwhile introducing us to other owners, so they can share their experiences with us too. You were helping us a lot before and after the purchase making sure that we are comfortable and confident.

If we have any questions or concerns, you are always coming, calling, answering, referring and working on it with us. You even invented a sliding lid for the sink because one inspector wanted to see the separation in the double sink though there was no such a rule in the handbook, but you had to get created and you saved us.

There was one pipe replacing project and you spent your all Saturday to make sure our contractor was doing the right job because you saw how I was nervous about that project, so you assured me that you would be there to supervise. With such support as you are providing the successful result is guaranteed.

Thank you for all your efforts, time and expertise that your shared with us and just for being such a professional, creative, charismatic, caring, and a very nice person.


Alina & Jacob Shubov

Enrique Iturriaga Sr. – Early Start Learning Center

Dear Enrique,

I would like to take a moment to thank you for all your help as the Commercial Real Estate Broker during our school purchase.

We went through two deals that did not pan out, then you found the perfect school for us. It wasn’t easy, it was a long and complex financial deal and at the same time it had to comply with US immigration laws. With your help and expertise, every issue was solved and the deal was closed. During this process we became friends, and you also represented me when I was ready to purchase my home. No doubt we will do business again in the future.

I will recommend you to anybody that is interested in purchasing or selling a school. I wish you continued success in your career.

Thank you for your support.

Warm Regards,

Wanley Donat

Enrique Iturriaga Sr. – Future Kids Academy

Dear Enrique,

We want to thank you for your excellent service as a real estate agent in the purchase of our center in West Palm Beach.

Your correct advice and guidance made us feel very comfortable and safe during the selection, offer, negotiation and closing of the transaction.

Not only did you provide us with your professional support in the purchase of real estate and business; but you also did in the financing and in the management of operating licenses; which, with your help, were extremely expedited and smooth.

During all this time we had your support and we discovered not only your professional excellence, but also your extraordinary value as a human being; which makes us recommend you without any doubt for your future clients, as well as having you in our mind for our future operations.

We wish that you continue to reap the reward of the success that comes from working for the benefit of your customers.

Yours Truly,

Oscar & Sergio Chinea

Enrique Iturriaga Sr. – Building Dreams Preschool

To whom it may concern,

In 2012, I met an extraordinary person. To whom I should thank for all that I am today in 2019. That person is named Enrique lturriaga. It had been the dream of my whole life to have my own school.

7 years ago I was the teacher of a 2 year old class, still with a vision of my own school and becoming a business owner.

That is when Enrique appeared in my life. Because I didn’t speak English well, he was the only person with whom I could fully communicate my dream and who understood the strength of my purpose and intentions.

Even though Enrique knew much more than me about the business of owning a school; he always believed that I had the determination and capability of learning everything and that gradually we would work toward me becoming the owner of my first school. I called my school Building Dreams because that is what Enrique and I did together and I want to help the children who come to me build their dreams.

Since then Enrique has continued to be there for me. Having Enrique in my life has been like having a book open to the right answer to every question I have.

I and my family are grateful for his advice in every decision we have needed to make along the way.

I hope that many more people have the opportunity to transform their lives with Enrique’s dedication to his clients and the optimistic magic that he brings.

Thank you!

Yelixy Garcia Torres

Enrique Iturriaga Sr., Enrique Iturriaga Jr. & ET Strickland – Neighborhood Kids Preschools (Wellington, FL)


I am writing this letter of recommendation in support of Enrique E. Iturriaga, School Investment Properties, Inc., Enrique Iturriaga Jr. and E.T. Strickland.

Our family purchased our first preschools in 2019. It is not an understatement to say that without the expert guidance, support, knowledge, and experience of the above referenced individuals we would not be new owners of two well established and highly regarded preschools in Palm Beach County.

From educating us on the preschool business, to helping us locate suitable schools, to post closing operational processes, we were professionally guided every step of the way.

Enrique Iturriaga Sr. in particular was extremely helpful well over nine months post-closing in helping us expand our infant capacity through his assistance with municipal authorities and architectural expertise.

For these reasons and not the least of which is a caring and professional attitude, I would highly recommend these gentlemen and School Investment Properties, Inc., to effectively represent  anyone from first time buyers to highly sophisticated buyers of preschools.

F R A N K  T O R A L

P R E S I D E N T – N E I G H B O R H O O D  K I D S

Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Enrique Iturriaga Jr. – Golden Bear Academy

Seller’s Testimonial

To whom it may concern,

I have known Enrique Iturriaga in a variety of capacities for many years, but most importantly he helped me with the buying and selling of my former business Golden Bear Academy in Orlando. Enrique is efficient, detail oriented and extremely competent in his field of expertise.

He went out of his way to make the selling process of Golden Bear Academy as smooth as possible. He is very knowledgeable at his line of work and does everything with proficiency.

In summary, I would highly recommend Enrique Iturriaga to anybody who needs to buy and/or sell a daycare. He will be a valuable and dependable person to have at your side.

Thank you Enrique for all your support!

Best regards,


Julio Folker Hanze

Buyer’s Testimonial

To whom it may concern,

My family and I first met Enrique lturriaga in the fall of 2018 when we had made a decision to buy a Preschool/ Academy in the Central Florida area.

Although I had 30 years’ experience in restaurant operations, market development and franchise management; and my wife had been both treasurer and volunteer for Orange County Public School System; and our daughter had been teaching preschool and elementary; we had no previous school ownership experience.

Enrique engaged with us immediately, counseling us about acquiring the credentials and completing the necessary courses we would need to proceed.

Enrique helped guide us to the viable options in the area, with everything from franchises to independent businesses, that were possibly available. When he presented the school to us, that we now own, you could see his excitement in finding the right fit for us. Enrique worked side-by-side with us through the entire financing and loan processes. He actually advised us against the first financial package that we were presented with, as it was not a good deal for us. Thank you, Enrique! Most brokers would have had us sign on the line and then go collect their own commission check.

He also helped us throughout the entire licensing process; even completing an Orange County VPK course with my wife and daughter to gain a better understanding and to see if he could help us in any way. Enrique’s communication has been incredible. Even now as we go through some crazy times here in the spring of 2020, he has contacted us with support and financial aid that may be available for us. He will answer his phone whenever he can, he returns texts quickly and is always available even on nights and weekends.

Enrique has been so much more than a broker to our family, and he remains a good friend.

We have truly appreciated working with Enrique during this entire part of our life and we love owning our school!


Fawn & Scott Gallagher

Lynne Wellman

During these unprecedented times, you can only imagine how hard it is to be in business. We made the decision to sell our very successful preschool after 20 years and knew that School Investment Properties would handle our transaction with honesty and integrity. Our agent Michelle Van Cleave was there with us every step of the way. She continuously kept us up to date on our sale and made sure that we received the true valuation of our business and real estate. We really can’t say enough great things about Michelle and her team. We will continue to recommend them to anyone interested in buying or selling a childcare facility.

Manny & Joyce Sarria – Planet Kids Child Care Centers

Dear Michelle,

Thank you so much for everything you did to help us with the purchase of our new child care center!

You are friendly, helpful and so easy to work with. Your hard work and knowledge made the whole process smooth and easy. You even took many extra steps to ensure such a smooth transition.

We appreciate the hours you spent answering our questions and putting our minds at ease.

We highly recommend you and the entire Team at School Investment Properties. You are true professionals!

Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Enrique Iturriaga Jr. – Tanglewood Academy

Seller’s Testimonial

When it was time for me to retire, I was confident in working with Enrique lturriaga of School Investment Properties, Inc. He worked tirelessly to bring the most qualified buyers and walked everyone through the process, from beginning meetings, after closing procedures and the change of ownership to produce a seamless experience.

In my case, this all took place during a pandemic while banks were not closing on any new business dealings. This did not stop Enrique. Using his contacts and reputation we successfully closed the deal. I would highly recommend Enrique lturriaga, when you are looking to buy or sell a school property/business.


Richard Herzfeld

Buyer’s Testimonial

To Whom it may concern:

When we decided to purchase our second preschool, my wife and I reached out again to Enrique Iturriaga, Sr., from School Investment Properties. Enrique had been our broker when we made our first purchase. At that time, he guided us to the procurement of an existing center, with attending students, versus our idea of finding a property, constructing a building from the ground up, followed by encouraging parents to bring their children. His advice to acquire an operating school made much more sense. An operating school would provide us with an immediate income return on our investment; and financing for us, as first-time preschool owners, would be much easier, while protecting us from using our savings during the lengthy procedure of creating a school from scratch.
When we met Enrique Iturriaga, Sr. six years ago, we were put at ease by this knowledgeable advice and by his obvious, utmost concern for both Seller and Buyer to feel comfortable about the course of the transaction. He provided complete transparency from the beginning and during the entire process, thus creating a smooth transition.
As it turned out, when my wife and I requested that Enrique find a second center for us, Covid-19 came to Florida. Even during the height of the pandemic, Enrique Iturriaga, Sr., of School Investment Properties located a center that was being operated effectively and profitably, while meeting all our desired parameters.
We remain impressed by Enrique’s ability to lead, through his own supportive example, as he asked for cooperation from Buyer, Seller, Lenders, Accreditation Agencies, Licensing Inspectors, etc.; therefore, developing a positive and genuine rapport between all parties. A rapport that has led us to an ever-deepening friendship with Enrique.
The experience of conducting a business deal with Enrique as our guide has been one of working with a knowledgeable, diligent, optimistic broker who operated with dedication from the signing of our Contract to the signing of our Closing documents and throughout all post-Closing needs.
Without a doubt, my wife and I would absolutely recommend Enrique Iturriaga, Sr. to everyone, Buyer or Seller; including ourselves for future purchases and when our time comes to sell. To us, Enrique is the BEST of the BEST.

Jacob & Alina Shubov

Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Enrique Iturriaga Jr. – Neighborhood Kids Preschool (Sunrise, FL)

Seller’s Testimonial

To Whom it may concern.

I wanted to retire so I reached out to School Investment Properties because they are known to be the absolute best at brokering Schools.

Enrique Iturriaga of School Investment Properties brought several thoroughly qualified buyers within days of signing the Listing.

We accepted the best offer and with Enrique’s guidance all parties got to work completing and CLOSING the transaction.

What I liked most about Enrique was his experience, his knowledge of all aspects of the transaction, his honesty, his transparency, and his dedicated spirit of cooperation.

I found the experience of working with Enrique to be amazing. His enthusiasm was steadfast from Listing to Closing and well Beyond. I would have to give him 5 STARS!!!

I do not know of any other broker that puts in the effort that Enrique does for all the parties involved; including Financing, Licensing, Accreditation, etc.

Exceptional Service!!! (Second to NONE)

I would recommend Enrique Iturriaga of School Investment Properties to EVERYONE who is planning to or needs to Sell and/or Purchase a School.

Laurie Fox

President & Owner

Buyer’s Testimonial

To whom it May concern:

After a few years in the Early Childhood Education industry in South Florida, we met Enrique Iturriaga Sr. of School Investment Properties. His support and professional guidance have helped us grow over the past 10 years. When we have been ready to take the next step, acquiring our next school, we have always counted on his extraordinary ability to facilitate operations and make the process seem simple and expeditious for all parties involved, not because there are no obstacles, inconveniences, and disagreements. But rather because Enrique strives to remove those obstacles, resolve the inconveniences, and find the middle ground to resolve disagreements in a fair and acceptable way for all parties; making agreements possible against positions that sometimes seemed irreconcilable.

That is why when we decided to acquire our fourth school at the beginning of 2020, we had no hesitation in turning to Enrique’s expertise again, who not only presented us with the best available options, but also in a situation as complex and uncertain as the COVID19 pandemic, accompanied and supported us throughout the purchase, licensing and transition process, with an approach that, more than a Real Estate Broker, is a business consultant who works hard and gets involved as a real partner in the operation.

Enrique’s ability to lead without imposing himself, find the balance point where the operation is beneficial for both parties, push himself beyond his obligations, doing not only the extra mile, but two, five or ten extra miles if necessary and of forging long-term relationships has been vital in all the operations we have carried out with his guide. The support that Enrique provides has never ended with the closing of the purchase, but he has always remained in contact, ready to support us in the difficult moments of starting the operation of the schools.

That is why, without any doubt, we recommend Enrique Iturriaga Sr., to anyone who wants to buy or sell a school.

Sergio and Oscar Chinea
Future Kids Academy

Jenna Suplicki – Bright Beginnings – Dunedin, FL

Thank you Michelle! 

When I finally decided to sell my school, I just knew that I was going to use Michelle Van Cleave to do the job because when we met years ago she did a consultation with me and she shared with me ways to run my school more efficiently, as she has been in the child care industry for over 25 years. During the sale, I was a nervous wreck and Michelle kept me calm and comforted throughout the entire process. Michelle has a positive attitude and that helped me so much. She is very honest and not going to say things to you just to make the deal happen. She is genuine and caring and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to sell or buy a school/business.

Dan Bailes

Thank you Michelle!

Thank you for all your help and understanding in making this happen.  We wouldn’t want anyone to sell our school but you.  We came to you because we feel you are the best! With all your experience and knowledge in the child care industry you know how to make this sale happen.  You have made it a smooth process and I am very grateful for all your help in selling our school. 



Dan Bailes

Dan R Lewis

To whom it may concern,

This letter of recommendation is for Michelle Van Cleave of School Investment Properties, Inc. After working on the sale of my private school for several months with her, my first and last impression was her enthusiasm every step of the way.

She kept me focused and positive throughout the process, always with an encouraging word.  It was a difficult road to travel, but Michelle was more than up to the task.  She was fair, honest, professional and kind throughout it all.  She was a joy to work with.

Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Enrique Iturriaga Jr. – Clever Oaks Montessori

To whom it may concern,
We were in the process of looking for a preschool when we reached out to Enrique Iturriaga and School Investment Properties, Inc. in 2018, and we are so glad that we did! We had previous business ownership experience in other fields, but had never owned a school before.
Enrique walked us through every step of the way. From acquiring the necessary licenses, the loan process, inspections, preparing for our first weeks as new owners… the list goes on. We now have a beautiful, growing Montessori school with a capacity of 240 students. Lots of our success is attributed to his support and guidance. It would not have been possible for us without him.
Four years later, we were also able to purchase our school’s real estate, again, with Enrique by our side. To this day, Enrique is an active contributor to our school’s success. He is always there and always willing to help in any way that he can, with his positivity and can-do attitude.
If you are interested in purchasing a school (or selling), please contact Enrique… you will not regret it. He goes above and beyond and has been so valuable to us. We are forever grateful to you, Enrique!
Thank you,
Sandra Lata, Felipe Lata and Jackie Adorna

Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Enrique Iturriaga Jr. – Thinking Kids Learning Center

Seller’s Testimonial

Our story began back in 2012 when we embarked on a search for reliable child care brokers who
could help us find the child care facility that would shape our future. Fortunately, luck was on
our side as we met the Enriques – a father and son duo.

With their invaluable experience, guidance and unwavering support, we embarked on a journey
that led us to acquire our very first daycare.

For nearly 12 years, we have been the proud owners of this establishment. However, due to
personal reasons, the time came for us to sell. Naturally, we turned to the Enriques once again,
placing our trust in them just as we did the first time.

We knew they would find the best possible buyers to ensure the center’s continued success.
Whether you are considering buying or selling your own center, we wholeheartedly recommend
the Enriques. They will stand by your side every step of the way, just as they have done for us.
Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Enrique Sr. and Enrique Jr.

Thank you,

Anubis & Nelly Lacau

Buyer’s Testimonial

Dear Enrique Jr. & Enrique Sr.

On behalf of the Rizo family, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the tremendous support you provided us in acquiring Thinking Kids Learning Center.
After the challenges we faced with the previous seller, we consider ourselves fortunate to have crossed paths with you & your son.

We quickly recognized your professionalism and dedication in guiding us towards our goal. One of you was always available to answer any questions we had, even in off-hours. Your unwavering assistance & support in acquiring the daycare center was truly remarkable.

We were overjoyed to have finally achieved our goal in February with your help, but our appreciation for you did not end there. You continued to offer your support, including helping us connect with the right people for any additional help we needed. Your outstanding work and professionalism have left a lasting impression on us. We are forever grateful for your collaboration, and we will enthusiastically recommend you to anyone we know who is interested in Buying or Selling a Child Care Center.

We pray that God continues to bless you both with opportunities to help others achieve their goals in the childcare business. Thank you again for everything you have done for us.


The Rizo Family

Thinking Kids Learning Center

Mike Clark, member Duke & Clark Holdings, LLC

Madolyn did a great job marketing and representing our facilities. She brought many qualified purchasers to the table. Madolyn’s network of clients is top rate. We would not hesitate to list or purchase properties from her.

Asher Jacobs Milestone Education Group

Madolyn is a true professional who knows what it takes to get a deal done. It is always a pleasure working with her!

Rod Strickland – Kidz City USA/Bluffton Academy

We just closed a transaction, as purchaser, on a childcare center brokered by Madolyn Cole. The transaction went very smoothly with excellent communication from Madolyn throughout the process. I highly recommend Madolyn and would work with her again in an instant.

Dora and Dorika

School Investment Properties was amazing!

Michelle Van Cleave is a remarkable and an incredible Sales Associate! She is extremely helpful, responsive and professional and we definitely couldn’t have done this without her!

Michelle always remained confident and always kept us on target. She kept me informed every step of the way and along those ways she made it fun and stress free, reassuring me that everything is going to be just fine. And fine everything was!

Selling something that is near and dear to your heart is not easy but Michelle made it easier by listening to us, encouraging us and cheering us on! Michelle never once made us wait more than 24 hours for a response whether it is by a phone call, by an email or by a text. She never dropped the ball even though I know she had multiple deals going on.

I can’t express enough how grateful we are having Michelle by our side through this entire process! Thank you for representing us and Elyon School & Child Care! A word that comes to mind: EXCELLENCE! Michelle does everything with EXCELLENCE!

We highly recommend Michelle Van Cleave to anyone who is looking to sell or expand their business.
Thank you again my friend! We appreciate everything you did for us!

Madolyn Cole – Tomorrow’s Hope Montessori School

I couldn’t have asked for a more exceptional commercial real estate agent than Madolyn Cole. From the moment we began working together, it was evident that I was in the hands of a true professional. Her extensive knowledge of the market and unwavering dedication made the entire process smooth and rewarding.

Throughout our journey, Madolyn demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to understanding my unique needs and goals. She took the time to patiently listen to my requirements and concerns, ensuring that every property they presented to me aligned perfectly with my business objectives.

Madolyn’s ability to negotiate on my behalf was truly impressive. Her keen eye for detail and strategic approach to handling transactions meant that I secured the best possible deal. I felt confident and reassured throughout the negotiation process, knowing I had a competent and skilled advocate fighting for my interests.

Beyond her professionalism and expertise, Madolyn exhibited exceptional communication skills. She was always prompt in responding to my inquiries and kept me updated at every stage of the process. It was refreshing to work with an agent who valued open and transparent communication as much as I did.

Her commitment to going above and beyond is truly commendable. Not only did Madolyn assist with the property search and negotiation, but she also provided valuable insights into the local market, zoning regulations, and potential growth opportunities for my business. It was evident that she genuinely cared about my success.

Thanks to Madolyn, I found the perfect commercial property that perfectly suits my business needs. I am incredibly grateful for their expertise, professionalism, and genuine passion for what they do. If you are in search of a commercial real estate agent who will deliver exceptional results and an unmatched level of service, I wholeheartedly recommend Madolyn. She is a true industry expert and a pleasure to work with.

Harveen and Sulen – Bright Minds Learning Center

We wholeheartedly recommend Justin Boatner as a school broker without any hesitation. His 15 years of experience in successfully running preschools, alongside his wife, has undoubtedly shaped him into an exceptional school sales broker.

Our journey with Justin began in 2022 when we expressed our interest in purchasing our first preschool in Dallas. From the get-go, Justin impressed us with his knowledge and professionalism. He recommended a boutique school that perfectly aligned with our background and lack of experience in this space.

What sets Justin apart is his patience and unwavering support. It took almost a year to close the deal, and Justin was there every step of the way. Despite representing the sellers, he remained respectful and prompt in providing us with all the necessary documents and details.

On the day of signing, Justin went above and beyond by driving an hour to witness our special milestone. Since then, he has stayed connected with us, calling every couple of days to share valuable tips and tricks. Justin has also been instrumental in connecting us with various vendors from his extensive network.

In our opinion, Justin is hands down the best preschool broker in Dallas. His expertise, dedication, and genuine care for his clients make him a standout professional in the field. If you’re looking for someone reliable to guide you through the process of buying or selling a preschool in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Justin is the person you want by your side.

– Harveen and Sulen
Bright Minds Learning Center
Dallas, TX

Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Enrique Iturriaga Jr. – For Kids Only of Vero Beach


After 39 years of owning and operating my preschool, For Kids Only of Vero Beach, Inc., I am now happily retired. It took a special team to sell my business, as it was more than a business and source of financial support for my family, it was home! The place where I raised my children, and my grandchildren and made lifelong community friends.

Letting go of something so personal could only have been accomplished with the help of Enrique Iturriaga and his son, Enrique Jr. with School Investment Properties, Inc. They were professional, but also kind and patient. Enrique and Enrique Jr. knew the attachment I had to my Center and were respectful and understanding of my struggle and supported me to sell when I was ready. For me, that decision had to be mine!

Selling a Center is a very complicated ordeal, involving financial institutions, government compliance with City, County and State rules and regulations, ensuring a seamless transition for parents and staff, and the approval of subsidized care agencies.

Enrique and Enrique Jr. are both gentlemen who have the skills and personality to juggle all of these requirements while creating an environment of friendship and respect. The experience at times can be hectic, stressful and even intimidating and that’s why you need the unique team of Enrique Iturriaga and Enrique Jr. I am pleased to recommend Enrique and Enrique Jr. if you are thinking now or in the future of selling your ChildCare Center or Private School.

Lenora Quimby, MSW
For Kids Only of Vero Beach, Inc.


To whom it may concern,
As the in-house attorney for a large company, and previously as a commercial litigator for one of the
country’s top law firms, I have seen firsthand the many obstacles that can derail a business deal. So
when my mother decided to put her childcare center up for sale after almost 40 years of ownership, I
was committed – both as her son and attorney – to ensuring she received excellent service from her
agent.  Fortunately, she chose to work with Enrique Iturriaga Sr. and Enrique Iturriaga Jr.  Thanks to their
tireless efforts, she was able to close on the sale of her center in 2023.  We could not have been more
impressed with Enrique Sr. and Enrique Jr. 
Selling a school is a complicated process involving issues of childcare licensing, regulations, financing,
the sale of real and personal property, and the business itself.  But with their deep understanding of this
space, positive attitudes, responsiveness, creativity, and work ethic, there was no better team than
Enrique Sr. and Enrique Jr. for navigating these complexities and getting the job done.
Even when faced with personal tragedy, Enrique Sr. and Enrique Jr. continued to handle their
professional responsibilities. As we neared key deadlines toward the end of my mother’s deal, we
received word that Enrique Sr.’s wife was involved in a serious car accident, necessitating significant
medical intervention and a lengthy hospital stay.  Somehow, Enrique Sr. and Enrique Jr. were able to
persevere and continue moving the deal toward the finish line through non-stop phone calls and emails
over several weeks with lenders, attorneys, and the other parties – all while Enrique Sr. worked out of a
hospital waiting room. 
Thanks to Enrique Sr. and Enrique Jr., my mother was able to sell her center and achieve her dream of
retirement.  I absolutely recommend these gentlemen to anyone looking to sell or buy a school.   
Best regards,

Alex Quimby


To Enrique lturriaga Sr. & Jr. of School Investment Properties, 

I’m Matilde Espinal, the new owner/director at Global Learning of Vero Beach. Alongside my partner, Cesar Alvarez, we want to extend our sincere appreciation for your exceptional support and expertise in facilitating the acquisition of our center. 

When we set out to purchase a business, we knew we needed a skilled team to guide us through the process. Having worked with Enrique Sr. and Enrique Jr. in the past, Cesar had full confidence in their abilities, so we reached out to them for the job. From our initial interactions, the approachability, knowledge, and dedication stood out, and they continued to impress us at every turn. 

Enrique Sr. & Jr. worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transaction, tackling every challenge with creativity and determination. Their proactive communication and attention to detail ensured that no issue went unresolved, making the process seamless and straightforward for us. Their collaborative approach and problem-solving skills were invaluable in overcoming any obstacles that arose. 

In the midst of our dealings, Enrique Sr. faced personal hardships when his wife was involved in a severe car accident, necessitating multiple surgeries and therapies. Despite this difficult time, we are grateful that Enrique Sr. & Jr. as a team remained steadfast in their commitment to assisting us without interruption. Whenever Enrique Sr. needed to attend to his wife, Enrique Jr. stepped in seamlessly to carry out the tasks at hand. Their unwavering dedication to achieving our goals, as well as those of the seller, was truly remarkable and we are forever grateful to them. 

Thanks to Enrique Sr. & Jr.’s exceptional support and guidance, we are now proud owners of Global Learning of Vero Beach. We are excited about this new chapter and deeply grateful for the invaluable assistance provided by both Enrique lturriaga Sr. & Jr. and their team at School Investment Properties. 

We confidently recommend these two gentlemen to anyone seeking knowledgeable assistance with their childcare needs. Whether you are buying or selling, they are the ones for the job. 

Matilde Espinal 

Global Learning of Vero Beach

(Previously For Kidz Only of Vero Beach)

Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Enrique Iturriaga Jr. – The Children’s Corner


Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Enrique Iturriaga Jr. from School Investment Properties are true rockstars! With over 30 years of dedication poured into running The Children’s Corner, my beloved child care center in Orange Park, FL, the decision to sell was a significant one.

Initially, my experience with one of School Investment Properties’ representatives didn’t quite hit the mark.

However, knowing School Investment Properties was going to be the best choice, and after browsing their website and coming across glowing reviews about Enrique Sr. and Jr., I knew they were the perfect fit for me. So, I specifically requested to work with them.

Let me tell you, these guys were absolute lifesavers. Selling my school marked a pivotal moment—it meant finally stepping into retirement after over 30 years in the business.

Thanks to the expertise and guidance of the Enrique duo, our time on the market was brief. They led me through every aspect of the process—negotiations, DCF licensing, navigating the Early Learning Coalition transition, insurance, you name it.

I had no idea selling a school entailed so much, but their experience and know-how made everything smooth sailing. They were like conductors orchestrating a musical performance.

Amidst the journey, Enrique Sr. faced a personal challenge when his wife was involved in a terrible car accident.

Despite the turmoil, they didn’t skip a beat. Enrique Iturriaga Jr. admirably stepped up, maintaining smooth operations while Enrique Iturriaga Sr. juggled calls from hospital hallways and tended to family matters.

Now, that’s what I call teamwork!

Today, as I embrace retirement, spruce up my home, and plan family trips, I owe it all to Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Jr.

If you’re ever in the market to buy or sell a school, I urge you to reach out to these incredible individuals.

Trust me, you won’t regret it! They’re the real deal.


Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Enrique Iturriaga Jr. from School Investment Properties were an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire transaction. Enrique Iturriaga Jr. collaborated seamlessly with our team and the Seller, and he did a great job leading the process from beginning to end in an efficient and friendly manner. We are very happy with our purchase and look forward to doing more business with both gentlemen. I would highly recommend them to any prospective buyer & seller looking to enter, expand or exit the childcare business.

Asher Jacobs

Milestone Education

Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Enrique Iturriaga Jr – Whiz Kidz Early Learning Center

Seller’s Attorney Testimonial

April 18, 2024

Enrique Iturriaga
Enrique Iturriaga, Jr.

School Investment Properties, Inc
3309 Northlake Blvd. #107
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33404

Re: Sale of School

Dear Enrique and Enrique,
Please accept this letter as a testimonial regarding the services you both rendered in my client’s recent
school sale. From the inception of the transaction, I truly knew I was working with true professionals
specializing in this niche market.
It was a seamless transaction with the Enriques. They both made my client, the Seller, be at ease with
all the intricacies of this type of transaction. Between coordinating with service providers up to dealing
with the City/State matters of licensing. No issue was too large for them to handle. They provided me,
as legal counsel, every item I needed in a timely manner. They answered the phone on every call. Their
response/action time was remarkable.
This property closed as was anticipated by all parties. I noted how both the Seller as well as the Buyer
were grateful for the services provided by this dynamic father son duo. I recommend this team
wholeheartedly and without reservation. I am available to answer any questions.


Wendi S. Weisman, Esquire

14416 South Military Trail, Delray Beach, Florida 33484
(561) 498-0017 [email protected]

Seller’s Testimonial

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional support and guidance Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Enrique Iturriaga Jr. provided during a pivotal moment in my life.
My late husband, Howard, and I have been deeply involved in the Child Care Industry since 1981. We sold our first school with the assistance of School Investment Properties and acquired our second school with the assistance of School Investment Properties in 1994. Over the years, we’ve witnessed and contributed to the evolution of this industry, forging relationships, and making meaningful impacts along the way as providers and as board members of the Florida Association for Child Care Managers (FACCM).

Throughout our journey, we had the pleasure of crossing paths with Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Jr. from School Investment Properties at many of the FACCM conferences. These encounters allowed us to appreciate not only their expertise but also their genuine dedication to the industry and its members.

The loss of Howard in 2021 left a significant void for me and my family, and navigating the complexities of our business ventures alone was undoubtedly daunting. When the time came to make the difficult decision of selling one of the two of our schools, I knew instinctively that I needed the expertise and understanding that I knew only Enrique Sr. and Jr. could provide.

From the moment I reached out, their unwavering support and commitment was evident. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, they guided me through every step of the process with patience, professionalism, and genuine kindness. Their dedication extended far beyond the call of duty, encompassing every aspect from contract negotiations to licensing and insurance matters. The attention to detail, coupled with their willingness to help in all aspects exceeded all my expectations and truly made a difference during a challenging time. I do not know a single other real estate agent in this world that would do as much as they did for me.

Their expertise, integrity, and compassion shine as beacons of excellence in this field. I am eternally grateful for the pivotal role they played in facilitating this transition.
For anyone contemplating the sale or purchase of a child care center, I wholeheartedly recommend Enrique Iturriaga Sr. and Jr. Without a doubt, they are the epitome of professionalism and integrity, and I am immensely grateful for their exceptional service.

With warm regards,

Sydney Ross

Buyer’s Testimonial

In progress…