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Enrique Iturriaga Sr. – Learning Wonderland Preschool

Dear Enrique,

I am so happy that I met you on child care owners training in Broward County in 2012. I saved your card and in two years you saved us from a huge mistake so as we were about to purchase a building and start a preschool from scratch. You helped us on the way to our dream from that day by taking our hands and leading us towards it.

You gave us advice on what to work on before we get the school and explained each step of the purchase in the meanwhile introducing us to other owners, so they can share their experiences with us too. You were helping us a lot before and after the purchase making sure that we are comfortable and confident.

If we have any questions or concerns, you are always coming, calling, answering, referring and working on it with us. You even invented a sliding lid for the sink because one inspector wanted to see the separation in the double sink though there was no such a rule in the handbook, but you had to get created and you saved us.

There was one pipe replacing project and you spent your all Saturday to make sure our contractor was doing the right job because you saw how I was nervous about that project, so you assured me that you would be there to supervise. With such support as you are providing the successful result is guaranteed.

Thank you for all your efforts, time and expertise that your shared with us and just for being such a professional, creative, charismatic, caring, and a very nice person.


Alina & Jacob Shubov