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Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Enrique Iturriaga Jr. – For Kids Only of Vero Beach


After 39 years of owning and operating my preschool, For Kids Only of Vero Beach, Inc., I am now happily retired. It took a special team to sell my business, as it was more than a business and source of financial support for my family, it was home! The place where I raised my children, and my grandchildren and made lifelong community friends.

Letting go of something so personal could only have been accomplished with the help of Enrique Iturriaga and his son, Enrique Jr. with School Investment Properties, Inc. They were professional, but also kind and patient. Enrique and Enrique Jr. knew the attachment I had to my Center and were respectful and understanding of my struggle and supported me to sell when I was ready. For me, that decision had to be mine!

Selling a Center is a very complicated ordeal, involving financial institutions, government compliance with City, County and State rules and regulations, ensuring a seamless transition for parents and staff, and the approval of subsidized care agencies.

Enrique and Enrique Jr. are both gentlemen who have the skills and personality to juggle all of these requirements while creating an environment of friendship and respect. The experience at times can be hectic, stressful and even intimidating and that’s why you need the unique team of Enrique Iturriaga and Enrique Jr. I am pleased to recommend Enrique and Enrique Jr. if you are thinking now or in the future of selling your ChildCare Center or Private School.

Lenora Quimby, MSW
For Kids Only of Vero Beach, Inc.


To whom it may concern,
As the in-house attorney for a large company, and previously as a commercial litigator for one of the
country’s top law firms, I have seen firsthand the many obstacles that can derail a business deal. So
when my mother decided to put her childcare center up for sale after almost 40 years of ownership, I
was committed – both as her son and attorney – to ensuring she received excellent service from her
agent.  Fortunately, she chose to work with Enrique Iturriaga Sr. and Enrique Iturriaga Jr.  Thanks to their
tireless efforts, she was able to close on the sale of her center in 2023.  We could not have been more
impressed with Enrique Sr. and Enrique Jr. 
Selling a school is a complicated process involving issues of childcare licensing, regulations, financing,
the sale of real and personal property, and the business itself.  But with their deep understanding of this
space, positive attitudes, responsiveness, creativity, and work ethic, there was no better team than
Enrique Sr. and Enrique Jr. for navigating these complexities and getting the job done.
Even when faced with personal tragedy, Enrique Sr. and Enrique Jr. continued to handle their
professional responsibilities. As we neared key deadlines toward the end of my mother’s deal, we
received word that Enrique Sr.’s wife was involved in a serious car accident, necessitating significant
medical intervention and a lengthy hospital stay.  Somehow, Enrique Sr. and Enrique Jr. were able to
persevere and continue moving the deal toward the finish line through non-stop phone calls and emails
over several weeks with lenders, attorneys, and the other parties – all while Enrique Sr. worked out of a
hospital waiting room. 
Thanks to Enrique Sr. and Enrique Jr., my mother was able to sell her center and achieve her dream of
retirement.  I absolutely recommend these gentlemen to anyone looking to sell or buy a school.   
Best regards,

Alex Quimby


To Enrique lturriaga Sr. & Jr. of School Investment Properties, 

I’m Matilde Espinal, the new owner/director at Global Learning of Vero Beach. Alongside my partner, Cesar Alvarez, we want to extend our sincere appreciation for your exceptional support and expertise in facilitating the acquisition of our center. 

When we set out to purchase a business, we knew we needed a skilled team to guide us through the process. Having worked with Enrique Sr. and Enrique Jr. in the past, Cesar had full confidence in their abilities, so we reached out to them for the job. From our initial interactions, the approachability, knowledge, and dedication stood out, and they continued to impress us at every turn. 

Enrique Sr. & Jr. worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transaction, tackling every challenge with creativity and determination. Their proactive communication and attention to detail ensured that no issue went unresolved, making the process seamless and straightforward for us. Their collaborative approach and problem-solving skills were invaluable in overcoming any obstacles that arose. 

In the midst of our dealings, Enrique Sr. faced personal hardships when his wife was involved in a severe car accident, necessitating multiple surgeries and therapies. Despite this difficult time, we are grateful that Enrique Sr. & Jr. as a team remained steadfast in their commitment to assisting us without interruption. Whenever Enrique Sr. needed to attend to his wife, Enrique Jr. stepped in seamlessly to carry out the tasks at hand. Their unwavering dedication to achieving our goals, as well as those of the seller, was truly remarkable and we are forever grateful to them. 

Thanks to Enrique Sr. & Jr.’s exceptional support and guidance, we are now proud owners of Global Learning of Vero Beach. We are excited about this new chapter and deeply grateful for the invaluable assistance provided by both Enrique lturriaga Sr. & Jr. and their team at School Investment Properties. 

We confidently recommend these two gentlemen to anyone seeking knowledgeable assistance with their childcare needs. Whether you are buying or selling, they are the ones for the job. 

Matilde Espinal 

Global Learning of Vero Beach

(Previously For Kidz Only of Vero Beach)