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Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Enrique Iturriaga Jr. – The Children’s Corner


Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Enrique Iturriaga Jr. from School Investment Properties are true rockstars! With over 30 years of dedication poured into running The Children’s Corner, my beloved child care center in Orange Park, FL, the decision to sell was a significant one.

Initially, my experience with one of School Investment Properties’ representatives didn’t quite hit the mark.

However, knowing School Investment Properties was going to be the best choice, and after browsing their website and coming across glowing reviews about Enrique Sr. and Jr., I knew they were the perfect fit for me. So, I specifically requested to work with them.

Let me tell you, these guys were absolute lifesavers. Selling my school marked a pivotal moment—it meant finally stepping into retirement after over 30 years in the business.

Thanks to the expertise and guidance of the Enrique duo, our time on the market was brief. They led me through every aspect of the process—negotiations, DCF licensing, navigating the Early Learning Coalition transition, insurance, you name it.

I had no idea selling a school entailed so much, but their experience and know-how made everything smooth sailing. They were like conductors orchestrating a musical performance.

Amidst the journey, Enrique Sr. faced a personal challenge when his wife was involved in a terrible car accident.

Despite the turmoil, they didn’t skip a beat. Enrique Iturriaga Jr. admirably stepped up, maintaining smooth operations while Enrique Iturriaga Sr. juggled calls from hospital hallways and tended to family matters.

Now, that’s what I call teamwork!

Today, as I embrace retirement, spruce up my home, and plan family trips, I owe it all to Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Jr.

If you’re ever in the market to buy or sell a school, I urge you to reach out to these incredible individuals.

Trust me, you won’t regret it! They’re the real deal.


Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Enrique Iturriaga Jr. from School Investment Properties were an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire transaction. Enrique Iturriaga Jr. collaborated seamlessly with our team and the Seller, and he did a great job leading the process from beginning to end in an efficient and friendly manner. We are very happy with our purchase and look forward to doing more business with both gentlemen. I would highly recommend them to any prospective buyer & seller looking to enter, expand or exit the childcare business.

Asher Jacobs

Milestone Education