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and Private School Sales since 1989
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Fernando Robles

“I met ET & Pam Strickland 21 years ago while selling my franchised childcare center. I was terrified because I strongly wanted to sell my preschool but at the same time I did not want any of my customers or neighbors to know about it. When I expressed that to my franchisor, his answer was “I know the people that will get the job done in the smooth way that you need”. The very next week ET had my school listed. Throughout the 6 months that it took the sale process from beginning to end, we developed a professional and friendly relationship that winded up after the closing by ET offering me to work for him in his real estate firm specialized in selling childcare centers. He encouraged me to get my Real Estate License and promised to teach me anything I needed to know to succeed in that endeavor. ET and Pam became not only my teachers but my mentors, my friends and an inspiration in my life. I had a fulfilling career working with them. I saw firsthand how well they know the business. I learned how to promote the center in order to sell it, how to get the financing done, how to deal with other brokers, how to manage the licensing process, how to secure insurance and so many other secrets of the trade. The best memories I have of this wonderful couple is their human side: Inviting their staff to go with them to have fun skiing or travelling to Las Vegas, gathering every year the big family of associates to celebrate Christmas in a dinner sponsored by them, recommending books and workshops for personal improvement, giving sound personal advice when anybody was sad or worried. I also have witnessed many acts of kindness and charity way beyond what would be expected. They have given back a lot and that’s why I believed they have been blessed with such a successful career in the child care business. May God bless them for many years to come with success in their business, health to enjoy their golden years and friends to share those happy times.”