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Frank Taylor

To ET and Tim, I had the pleasure of first being introduced to ET and School Investment Properties about 6 years ago when I was looking to purchase my first school. The atmosphere was welcoming and informative. Although I did not use them for the purchase of my school when I decided to sell my school 6 years later, there was no doubt in my mind that School Investment Properties would be the brokerage to help me to make this happen. It was great to work with ET again. During this process he oversaw the big picture details regarding the sale of the school. He introduced me to one of his associates who would be working with me on a daily basis. Tim Dai was fantastic to work with. He was available to me at all times of the day and on weekends. He assisted in bringing potential buyers to my attention and helping me to arrange meetings with them so that they could look at the school. As we found qualified, motivated buyers, Tim was instrumental in helping to ensure that the sale moved along in a way as to meet the desired deadlines of both me as the seller as well as the buyers. As a seller who elected to do owner financing to help the buyer, Tim was key in providing me with options, resources and advice on what would be the best way to proceed so that I was protected as well as the buyer. To put into context the speed in which my sale proceeded – the buyer contacted us the first week of July 2018. We had a negotiated and written offer in place by the following week and the sale of the school closed on August I 0, 2018. Now a process that would possibly take months was done in I month to accommodate the purchase and sell goals of the patties involved.


If I ever decide to purchase a school again, I will, without hesitation, go with School Investment Properties. It is my honor to fully recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a school and would be happy to share my experience in person should it be desired.