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Enrique Iturriaga Sr., Enrique Iturriaga Jr. & ET Strickland – Neighborhood Kids Preschools (Wellington, FL)


I am writing this letter of recommendation in support of Enrique E. Iturriaga, School Investment Properties, Inc., Enrique Iturriaga Jr. and E.T. Strickland.

Our family purchased our first preschools in 2019. It is not an understatement to say that without the expert guidance, support, knowledge, and experience of the above referenced individuals we would not be new owners of two well established and highly regarded preschools in Palm Beach County.

From educating us on the preschool business, to helping us locate suitable schools, to post closing operational processes, we were professionally guided every step of the way.

Enrique Iturriaga Sr. in particular was extremely helpful well over nine months post-closing in helping us expand our infant capacity through his assistance with municipal authorities and architectural expertise.

For these reasons and not the least of which is a caring and professional attitude, I would highly recommend these gentlemen and School Investment Properties, Inc., to effectively represent  anyone from first time buyers to highly sophisticated buyers of preschools.

F R A N K  T O R A L

P R E S I D E N T – N E I G H B O R H O O D  K I D S