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Jacob & Alina Shubov – Tanglewood Academy (Buyers)

To Whom it may concern:

When we decided to purchase our second preschool, my wife and I reached out again to Enrique Iturriaga, Sr., from School Investment Properties. Enrique had been our broker when we made our first purchase. At that time, he guided us to the procurement of an existing center, with attending students, versus our idea of finding a property, constructing a building from the ground up, followed by encouraging parents to bring their children. His advice to acquire an operating school made much more sense. An operating school would provide us with an immediate income return on our investment; and financing for us, as first-time preschool owners, would be much easier, while protecting us from using our savings during the lengthy procedure of creating a school from scratch.
When we met Enrique Iturriaga, Sr. six years ago, we were put at ease by this knowledgeable advice and by his obvious, utmost concern for both Seller and Buyer to feel comfortable about the course of the transaction. He provided complete transparency from the beginning and during the entire process, thus creating a smooth transition.
As it turned out, when my wife and I requested that Enrique find a second center for us, Covid-19 came to Florida. Even during the height of the pandemic, Enrique Iturriaga, Sr., of School Investment Properties located a center that was being operated effectively and profitably, while meeting all our desired parameters.
We remain impressed by Enrique’s ability to lead, through his own supportive example, as he asked for cooperation from Buyer, Seller, Lenders, Accreditation Agencies, Licensing Inspectors, etc.; therefore, developing a positive and genuine rapport between all parties. A rapport that has led us to an ever-deepening friendship with Enrique.
The experience of conducting a business deal with Enrique as our guide has been one of working with a knowledgeable, diligent, optimistic broker who operated with dedication from the signing of our Contract to the signing of our Closing documents and throughout all post-Closing needs.
Without a doubt, my wife and I would absolutely recommend Enrique Iturriaga, Sr. to everyone, Buyer or Seller; including ourselves for future purchases and when our time comes to sell. To us, Enrique is the BEST of the BEST.

Jacob & Alina Shubov