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Enrique Iturriaga Sr. & Enrique Iturriaga Jr. – Neighborhood Kids Preschool (Sunrise, FL)

Seller’s Testimonial

To Whom it may concern.

I wanted to retire so I reached out to School Investment Properties because they are known to be the absolute best at brokering Schools.

Enrique Iturriaga of School Investment Properties brought several thoroughly qualified buyers within days of signing the Listing.

We accepted the best offer and with Enrique’s guidance all parties got to work completing and CLOSING the transaction.

What I liked most about Enrique was his experience, his knowledge of all aspects of the transaction, his honesty, his transparency, and his dedicated spirit of cooperation.

I found the experience of working with Enrique to be amazing. His enthusiasm was steadfast from Listing to Closing and well Beyond. I would have to give him 5 STARS!!!

I do not know of any other broker that puts in the effort that Enrique does for all the parties involved; including Financing, Licensing, Accreditation, etc.

Exceptional Service!!! (Second to NONE)

I would recommend Enrique Iturriaga of School Investment Properties to EVERYONE who is planning to or needs to Sell and/or Purchase a School.

Laurie Fox

President & Owner

Buyer’s Testimonial

To whom it May concern:

After a few years in the Early Childhood Education industry in South Florida, we met Enrique Iturriaga Sr. of School Investment Properties. His support and professional guidance have helped us grow over the past 10 years. When we have been ready to take the next step, acquiring our next school, we have always counted on his extraordinary ability to facilitate operations and make the process seem simple and expeditious for all parties involved, not because there are no obstacles, inconveniences, and disagreements. But rather because Enrique strives to remove those obstacles, resolve the inconveniences, and find the middle ground to resolve disagreements in a fair and acceptable way for all parties; making agreements possible against positions that sometimes seemed irreconcilable.

That is why when we decided to acquire our fourth school at the beginning of 2020, we had no hesitation in turning to Enrique’s expertise again, who not only presented us with the best available options, but also in a situation as complex and uncertain as the COVID19 pandemic, accompanied and supported us throughout the purchase, licensing and transition process, with an approach that, more than a Real Estate Broker, is a business consultant who works hard and gets involved as a real partner in the operation.

Enrique’s ability to lead without imposing himself, find the balance point where the operation is beneficial for both parties, push himself beyond his obligations, doing not only the extra mile, but two, five or ten extra miles if necessary and of forging long-term relationships has been vital in all the operations we have carried out with his guide. The support that Enrique provides has never ended with the closing of the purchase, but he has always remained in contact, ready to support us in the difficult moments of starting the operation of the schools.

That is why, without any doubt, we recommend Enrique Iturriaga Sr., to anyone who wants to buy or sell a school.

Sergio and Oscar Chinea
Future Kids Academy