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Enrique Iturriaga Sr. – Building Dreams Preschool

To whom it may concern,

In 2012, I met an extraordinary person. To whom I should thank for all that I am today in 2019. That person is named Enrique lturriaga. It had been the dream of my whole life to have my own school.

7 years ago I was the teacher of a 2 year old class, still with a vision of my own school and becoming a business owner.

That is when Enrique appeared in my life. Because I didn’t speak English well, he was the only person with whom I could fully communicate my dream and who understood the strength of my purpose and intentions.

Even though Enrique knew much more than me about the business of owning a school; he always believed that I had the determination and capability of learning everything and that gradually we would work toward me becoming the owner of my first school. I called my school Building Dreams because that is what Enrique and I did together and I want to help the children who come to me build their dreams.

Since then Enrique has continued to be there for me. Having Enrique in my life has been like having a book open to the right answer to every question I have.

I and my family are grateful for his advice in every decision we have needed to make along the way.

I hope that many more people have the opportunity to transform their lives with Enrique’s dedication to his clients and the optimistic magic that he brings.

Thank you!

Yelixy Garcia Torres